The Treatment this Surgeon Calls a Gym Membership for Your Face

The Treatment this Surgeon Calls a Gym Membership for Your Face featured image
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There’s a new player in the world of noninvasive facial rejuvenation and its name is EMFace.

The first noninvasive option to directly affect the muscular structure of the face, EMFace represents a whole new frontier in facial aesthetic treatment. If you’re looking to enhance or contour parts of your face without the major surgery of a facelift, EMFace could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Chicago plastic surgeon Peter Geldner, MD walks us through the exciting potential EMFace has and who can most benefit from this kind of treatment.

A New Frontier

“I don ‘t want to be hyperbolic here,” Dr. Geldner says, “but I think that EMFace represents a paradigm shift in the noninvasive treatment of facial aesthetics.”

Like when Botox burst onto the scene and offered a way to limit muscle activity to improve contour, EMFace accomplishes something no other treatment is currently offering.

Unlike anything before it, EMFace is concerned with affecting the muscle tone of the face through high-intensity electrical stimulation. The supermaximal contractions it causes in the face are paired with radiofrequency to smooth out the surface of the skin, tackling both the appearance of the skin itself and the structure underneath it.

“What I really like about these devices is that it’s not just a question of getting rid of the fat or dealing with the skin,” Dr. Geldner says. “It actually deals with the underlying structures which is really what we care about.”

Just like a sustained exercise regime can improve your body’s contour, EMFace can do the same for your face by activating those muscles and working them continually.

“Think of it as a gym membership for your face,” Dr. Geldner explains. EMSculpt NEO does the same thing at a rate they claim is 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes. “It basically continually stimulates the muscles in such a way that you can really get them to function to a greater degree than if you were doing crunches by yourself, it really pushes them.”

What to Expect

Typically, a patient will receive four sessions of treatment separated by 5-10 days, and they can expect to return for treatment between six and twelve months to maintain results.

“It’s not going to be there forever because your muscles get lazy again,” Dr. Geldner explains.

Just like a gym membership, EMFace works best when it’s utilized regularly to tone facial muscles for overall improvements. It’s also a treatment that can be performed in conjunction with others, including fillers and fat transfers, to enhance the effect.

Aside from facial cleansing, there is no special pre- or post- treatment preparations to make, and the whole thing lasts about 20 minutes. Applicators are adhered to the face, through which electrical pulses will force your muscles to contract.

“When you do this, and I have had it done, it feels like an aggressive facial massage,” Dr. Geldner explains. “There’s almost an element of a tugging feeling, because the underlying tissues are being moved.”

Dr. Geldner assures that the sensation is not uncomfortable or painful.

Who is it for?

EMFace is designed to provide changes to the contour and structure of the face, for someone who does not need a facelift or does not want surgery. It does not a replace a face lift if needed, which means it isn’t for everyone.

Right now, there isn’t a replacement for a facelift in terms of dramatically changing the shape and look of the face. That’s because surgeons can place muscles and keep them exactly where they want them to be.

Additionally, EMFace isn’t meant to melt all your fat away. Its focus is more so on the tone of your muscles. If you’re dealing with excess weight, the underlying changes can be too subtle to see. These patients are better suited to more invasive treatments, like liposuction, in order to achieve results.

Dr. Geldner explains that EMFace is great for anyone looking to make an improvement to the face, as the treatment can improve the overall contour of the face, smooth out small bulges at the jowls, elevate cheeks, raise brows, and smooth skin. It can also be a great refresh after a facelift has begun to settle and the muscles have begun to naturally stretch again.

It’s also a great for preventing wrinkles in the first place, so EMFace is a great option for improving the overall tone of the face and staving off the signs of aging.

What’s Next?

As the popularity of EMFace and EMSculptNEO rise, more and more studies are being conducted to gauge their effectiveness and optimize patient results. Dr. Geldner explains that this is only the beginning for these treatments.

“I don’t view this as a finished product,” Dr. Geldner says. “I think this is a really exciting new area of future treatment.”

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