A Look Inside Our Editors’ Wellness Routines

A Look Inside Our Editors’ Wellness Routines featured image

August may have been National Wellness Month, but self-care is a lifestyle. Ahead, a peek inside our editors’ wellness routines to help inspire yours.

Liz Ritter, executive editor

“I’d like to confidently say that my wellness routine consists of regular meditation, yoga, drinking enough water, and taking more time to stay centered, but the only constant relaxation technique I have is my nightly bath—which I guess is better than nothing. I love, love, love anything by OSEA and currently have their Salts of the Earth Scrub ($42) in rotation. After that, I always have Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts in stock (seriously, if you have a coupon at CVS, buy a box full and take advantage of the free delivery) and I’ve been known to not be stingy when it comes to applying my Hope Gillerman roll-on oils ($50). One somewhat big change I did make this summer was downloading the Headspace app ($13/Month); when I do one of their superfast stretches after my bath, I find that I really do sleep a whole lot better.” 

Brittany Burhop Fallon, beauty director

“I’ve had to cut back on my supplement routine this year being pregnant, but two pregnancy-safe—my doctor OK’d, but always ask your doc first—are Natural Vitality CALM Gummies ($36) for a daily dose of magnesium (I love every flavor), and the original Liquid IV ($25), which helps me stay hydrated on days when I don’t feel like I can’t drink enough water. However, I’ve heard there are some lower-sugar options, so I’m on the lookout for a healthier alternative. I love the concept though. For extra sleep support, I love to spray my sheets and pillow with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax ($30) and slip on a silky Slip Sleep Mask ($50). I also don’t go a single night without my white noise machine, and I don’t have a TV in my bedroom (against my husband’s wishes), but I think that helps to keep everything more relaxed.”

Danielle Fontana Dooley, Senior Digital Editor

“I try my best to drink 120 ounces of water a day to boost my energy levels—Khloé’s water-bottle trick seriously works—and it’s done wonders for my mood. I take Seed’s Daily Synbiotic ($50 monthly) to keep my gut in check and Athletic Greens is a life-saver when I need to sneak more greens into my diet. While I prep for bed, I keep a Vitruvi Stone Diffuser ($119) on my nightstand, usually with The Well’s Relax Essential Oil Blend ($48) going. I wish I was a bath person, but I can’t bring myself to become a fan. Instead, I drop a J.R. Watkins Sleep Bath & Shower Aromatherapy Tablet ($15 for six) into a steamy shower and let it work its relaxing magic. Once I’m out, I apply Tata Harper’s Revitalizing Body Oil ($120)—its scent instantly calms me—and before climbing into bed, I reach for Equilibria Daily Drops to help keep my mind quiet throughout the night.”

Olivia Wohlner, editorial assistant

“Before the Covid era, I was always on the go, which meant my self-care and wellness routine was always on the backburner. Now, I put my self-care and wellness routine before all else, and it has changed my life for good. I try to hit the gym in the morning, and I’ve been relying on the Peloton app to get me through my workouts. Whether I’m on the treadmill or sitting on my yoga mat, there are thousands of workouts to choose from, and it makes me feel like I have a trainer safely walking me through my routine. Post gym, I make matcha or a coffee along with a snack and I take all of my vitamins with a big bottle of water. The ones that are currently in my bathroom cabinet are vitamin B12, vitamin D and I also like to take a few gummy vitamins—I’ve been loving the Hum Boost Sweet Boost Immunity Gummies ($26) and Grande Cosmetics Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies ($30). Before bed, I’ll light all my candles while I read or watch TV. Currently scattered around my apartment: Tom Ford Lost Cherry ($135), Crabtree & Evelyn’s Herb Candle ($28), and Paddywax’s Form Wild Fig and Vetiver ($36), which, in my opinion, is an almost-exact dupe of Le Labo Santal 26.”

Tatiana Bido, features editor

“As the air becomes more arid, hydration becomes more important for my dry, reactive skin. The Canopy Humidifier ($150) helps keep it moisturized and looking its best, and the built-in aroma diffuser lets me use my essential oils for an instant mood boost. There may be a lot of beautiful candles out there with super luxe vessels, but I love Siblings Candles ($24) because they automatically cut down on waste by letting me pour a semi-DIY candle into whatever container I have on hand, making it a wonderfully sustainable option for sprucing up and unwinding. For a full-body relaxation, I’ll grab Spero’s fast-acting Peppermint CBD Tincture ($65) which instantly shifts my mood and improves my memory and sleep. When I’m feeling extra sluggish, which—let’s face it—is more often than not, I’ll grab a Sunwink Lemon Rose Uplift sparkling tonic ($48 for 12). With a blend of lemon balm, rose, and hibiscus (known to lift your spirits), it serves as a quick pick-me-up to get through a particularly long day.”

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