8 Easy Habit Changes That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Wouldn’t it be great if losing weight were as easy as going about your daily routine? The good news is — it can be! We consulted with fitness expert Jenny Schatzle who recommended easy lifestyle changes that fit into your day-to-day life to help you drop the weight. 

A Walking Meeting
“Schedule your next meeting outside while you walk—you will be shocked at how productive it is and all the ideas that will flow when you change your environment,” says Schatzle. Not to mention the calories you will be burning!

Don’t Stand Next To The Food Table
Unless you are working at the party, there is no need for you to post up next to the buffet. Schatzle cautions, “Standing next to the food table is more likely to make you snack and it all adds up quickly, so step away from the table and hit the dance floor instead.”

Workouts Don’t Have To Be 45 Minutes To An Hour
Everyone has 10 minutes right? “My motto is that 10 minutes is better than no minutes. Movement burns calories, creates energy and can ultimately change your day. Can’t fit in a full workout? Find 10 minutes to squeeze in weighted circuits, go for a mile run/walk or do a 10 minute yoga circuit,” states Schatzle.

Start Your Day By Writing It Down
Sometimes all you need is to get yourself in the right mindset. Schatzle suggests, “First thing in the morning, write down one thing you are grateful for and one thing you are going to do to be healthier than you were yesterday. Starting your day this way sets your intentions and focus for a positive, healthier day.”

Go For A Walk After Dinner
Skip the television after dinner and go for a walk. Schatzle recommends, “If sitting on the couch after dinner makes you want to mindlessly eat or crave dessert, then get off the couch. Routines create habits, so change your routine and you will change your habits.”

Start With A Smoothie
One good decision leads to another. “Making a smoothie takes about as much time as making a bowl of cereal and it’s packed with nutrients and fiber to help keep you full. When you start your day with a healthy option, you are more likely to make healthier decisions throughout the day,” advises Schatzle.

Drink A Green Juice When You Have A Craving
Schatzle says, “Cravings for sugar, fat and salt are usually a reaction telling us that our body is in a deficiency of something—for instance, craving salt may mean you are dehydrated—a green juice is packed with vitamins, nutrients and fiber that fuel the body, and nine times out of 10, after you drink it you will no longer crave a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.” 

Do Bicep Curls
Squeezing in some weight training has never been easier. “Whether you are grocery shopping, picking up a heavy object or carrying your kids, anytime you find yourself with stuff in your hands, start doing bicep curls. This is an easy way to build muscle and burn calories throughout the day,” says Schatzle. 

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