6 Solutions to Fight the Modern Causes of Aging Skin

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We live in a super fast, supercharged and sometimes super stressful new age. During these changing times, some of the effects of the modern developments that help us maintain a highly connected lifestyle are also accelerating the aging process. Technology, pollution and environmental stress factors are contributing to the clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin that make us look older than our chronological age. Thankfully, we can fight these skin sabotagers with modern advances in skin care developed specifically to fight these particular problems. These six skin care solutions were created to help your skin reduce the aging effects of a modern lifestyle, urbanization, the environment and technology-induced damage. 

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Detoxify Your Pores

One of the biggest culprits of dull, tired-looking skin is clogged pores. Damaging microparticles caused by pollution can accumulate on the skin’s surface, causing irritation and pore congestion. To detoxify your troubled skin and dissolve impurities in your pores, use a deep cleanser like CelleClé DetoxyClean ($44). Containing green clay and cotton stem cells, this cleanser works to oxygenate and protects skin’s firmness and hydration while increasing clarity and suppleness. To restore a youthful glow and revive dull skin, CelleClé DetoxyBright ($66) cream-to-foam mask contains energizing and brightening B3 vitamin to instantly transform urban dullness into radiant, glowing skin.

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Protect From the Perils of Infra-Aging

Heat-activated free radicals can do a real number on your skin. They destroy DNA, cell membranes and skin-protecting lipids, which leads to dehydration, loss of elasticity, pigmentation and discoloration. These temperature-induced changes happen over time but can easily be repaired with the right skin-replenishing ingredients. CelleClé CellSurge Intensif ($130) can return vitality to tired, aging skin by soothing temperature-induced redness and discomfort. This powerful serum helps maintain skin suppleness, firmness and hydration and protects against environment-induced sensitivities by increasing skin tolerance to indoor and outdoor heat sources, temperature fluctuations and harsh, skin-irritating environments. 

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Treat the Inevitable “Tech Neck”

Constantly bending your neck to look down at your phone can lead to sagging skin, dropping jowls and deep lines and wrinkles across your chin and neck. In addition to the repetitive movements, gravity and technology induced radiation can also cause your skin to lose firmness over time. CelleClé 3D StrataSculpt ($134) remodeling serum restores youthful contours using cutting-edge volumizing peptides and restructuring plant stem cells to visibly lift and smooth contours. 

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Curb Dark Spots Caused by Traffic-Related Pollution

Traffic-related air pollution can lead to the formation of dark spots, known as “liver spots,” on your skin. Urban pollution-induced radicals can penetrate your pores and incite a cascade of irritating and damaging events, leading to premature aging, loss of firmness and ultimately the pigmentation that causes these aging spots. CelleClé LumiBright C ($94) harnesses the power of vitamin C and niacinamide to address multiple causes of pigmentation and skin discoloration. Specially formulated to gradually fade multiple signs of aging, it boosts skin’s firming fibers while minimizing car-exhaust damage that contributes to “liver spots.” 

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Soothe Redness Caused by Environmental Aging

Air pollution is an inescapable consequence of city dwelling. Exposure to smog, smoke and pollution is just as harmful to your skin as sun damage. These factors all contribute to skin damage and some particles in pollution can penetrate skin, triggering oxidative stress. This results in increased wrinkles, redness, eczema and acne. The light and smooth formula in CelleClé MicroLift Shield ($96) not only soothes redness, but it also boosts skin’s resistance to daily aggressors by protecting against future damage. It delivers a protective micro-shield with a specialized lifting surface that reduces the amount of particles that accumulate on your skin’s surface.  

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Put a Stop to the Smartphone Squint

Try as we might, there’s no getting away from the “aging” lights emitted by our smartphones, tablets, computer screens and other sources of high energy visible light (HEV). Repeated exposure to these devices can do major damage to the skin around our squinting eyes over time. CelleClé MultiRestore ($86) contains liposhield (Phyto-Melanin), a key ingredient that helps shields the delicate skin around your eyes from exposure to sources of HEV lights while also increasing skin tone for more defined and lifted eyelids. This cream also radically addresses multiple changes experienced by the aging eye by counteracting sagging and reactivating firmness in the skin around your upper and lower eyelids. 

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