‘Outer Banks’ Star Carlacia Grant Uses This $18 Product On Set for Dewy Skin

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If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Outer Banks like I am, you’re most likely also a fan of Carlacia Grant’s rebel character Cleo, who joins the Pogues on their crazy treasure hunt in the Caribbean in season two and has a much bigger role to play in season three. The Jamaican-American actress fits seamlessly into the close-knit crew, and is just as charming and candid off-camera, as I learned during our interview. Here, Grant shares her favorite skin-care products, the next facial she’s getting and more.

What was it like joining such a close group of friends like the Pogues?

“It was really easy and effortless actually. We got along instantly and our chemistry really hit it off immediately. It was like catching up with old friends—they never really made me feel like an outsider. We just got in and acted like long lost friends. We’re all really tight-knit.”

What was your favorite scene to film?

“This season, filming all the plane stuff was really fun. We filmed the exterior shots in Barbados and actually put a plane in the water. And for the interior shots, they built a whole plane set that they put in a swimming pool in Charleston. It was on hydraulics and it was like being on a ride.”

On the show, your skin is always glowing, but I wasn’t sure if that was skin care or sweat (ha).

“Probably a little bit of both [laughs]. On the show I don’t really use foundation. I just use some skin care and then they put some concealer on me and clear mascara. My character is gritty. I do use the Milani Dewy Skin Set on the show too though.”

Which other skin-care products are you using right now?

“One of my favorite products is this African Beauty Jelly Soap, which is an amazing face wash because it also exfoliates. You can find it at an ethnic beauty supply store, and it’s literally feels like a rock. It’s made in Ghana. I also use RéVive moisturizer, Tatcha Water Cream, Thayer’s toner, and Lancôme’s Rénergie serum—the one that comes out in three different colors. My new obsession is the RéVive massage roller. I love it. It’s bougie, but it feels amazing and it wakes me up.”

I know you don’t wear much makeup on set, but do you wear it when you’re not filming?

“Yes, I absolutely love makeup. If you saw my makeup kit, you’d think I was a makeup artist.”

So you’re good at doing your own makeup then?

“Yes, I went to YouTube University [laughs]. One of my favorite things to do is chill and watch makeup videos.”

Outer Banks. Carlacia Grant in Outer Banks. Cr. Amy Harrity/Netflix © 2023

You filmed almost every single scene outside. Were you slathering sunscreen on all day long on set?

“Yes, this was absolutely a thing. We actually had timers so we knew when to reapply. Everyone has their own sunscreen preference but I use Black Girl Sunscreen. It’s my favorite sunscreen brand ever. I tried other ones before, but I have to keep piling it on because we’re filming all day long, and other ones would make my skin feel really heavy and weighed down. With these, no matter how much I pile it on, it’s just amazing.” 

Is it the SPF 30 Lotion that you love so much?

“I have all of them. I have the matte face one, the SPF 30 Lotion, the SPF 50, and now they have a spray, so I use that too. I adore them.”

Do you ever get facials or other in-office treatments?

“Yes, I love facials. I’ve done microcurrent and LED, and I am going to try the vampire facial. I’m very scared and I think it looks very terrible [laughs], but I’m also very intrigued. One of my makeup artists [Aaron Paul] gets them done all the time, and if you saw his skin, you’d get it too.”

A lot of people are too scared to get their blood drawn for it.

“That doesn’t bother me. One time this company [SoME by Aesthetics Biomedical] drew my blood and made me face serums using my plasma. It really did work—it was amazing. They gave them to me in a mini fridge too.”

Let’s talk fitness too because you are always in the most action-packed scenes. Did you have to up your workout game for this role?

“Honestly, I am not a fan of working out. I love the feeling afterwards, but I hate going there. Once I’m in it, I think it feels great, but I dread going. I did have to work out for this show—we all did—because we really needed endurance. We were always running or swimming, and we weren’t just doing that one time. We did it as much as it took to get the scene done. We worked really hard on cardio to build up endurance so we could do long stretches on set.”

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