Breakfast: The Least or Most Important Meal of The Day?

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Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Some people say yes, while others say no. Forbes reported on a study recently that explains why it may not be, so we so we had our experts weigh in and left it up to them to decide.
The Nutritionist Says: “While you sleep, your body responds to not eating by slowing down it’s metabolism,” says celebrity nutritionist Paula Simpson. “By eating breakfast, you wake up your metabolism and provide it with calories for both physical and mental energy for the day to come. Numerous clinical studies support consuming a balanced breakfast improves mental clarity, diminishes cravings and promotes long-term weight loss.”  
What She Had To Say About The Study: “It was a very small sample size (33 people total) and done in a short time frame (6 weeks). Based on this, I find the study inferior in drawing any conclusions that skipping breakfast is good for you. In fact, it probably sends out the wrong message that skipping breakfast is okay and good for your health. In my opinion, this is not the education we want to send out to promote optimal health.” 
The Dietician Says: “Breakfast is the most important meal,” says registered dietician Erin Palinski-Wade. “Skipping breakfast leads to unbalanced blood sugar throughout the rest of the day and sets you up for eating too much too fast at the next meal or snack—and oftentimes choosing the wrong type of food. Side effects of erratic blood sugar are fatigue, irritability, decreased concentration and focus as well as increased hunger and cravings.” 
What She Had To Say About The Study: “Although this small study may indicate that breakfast doesn’t provide a metabolism boosting benefit, it doesn’t find harm in eating it either. My professional opinion is that you should strive to eat a balanced breakfast everyday. It’s not just having breakfast, but also the food choices you make at breakfast that matter. Eating a candy bar for breakfast is no better than skipping the meal completely, however, a balanced breakfast helps you take in essential nutrients, stabilizes blood sugar and starts your day off on the right foot.”  
The Trainer Says: “Eating a healthy breakfast each day sets you up to have a energized and productive day,” says celebrity fitness trainer Astrid Swan McGuire. “It gives you energy and wakes up your metabolism. If you don’t have time for breakfast, grab a Greek yogurt and a hardboiled egg to eat on the run.”  
What She Had To Say About The Study: “I am still a firm believer in eating breakfast but everyone is different. Sure, if you skip breakfast you may consume less calories at the end of the day, but if you maintain a healthy diet and intake proper portions, your body will be working at its best potential.” 

Need quick options? Palinski-Wade gave us a few of her favorite picks:

  • Natural peanut butter on whole grain bread (A great source of whole grains and healthy fats) 
  • Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese topped with fresh berries (A good source of protein, calcium and antioxidants) 
  • KIND Healthy Grains Bar paired with a banana (Provides more than one full serving of whole grains for a good source of fiber and protein) 
  • Hard boiled egg with fresh fruit or vegetables (A good source of Protein, fiber and antioxidants)

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