An At-Home Breakfast Workout That Will Burn Calories All Day

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An At-Home Breakfast Workout That Will Burn Calories All Day featured image
Photo Credits: JW Marriott Chicago

Who says an effective workout needs to be boring? As part of the hotel’s increased wellness focus, JW Marriott Chicago recently rolled out Saturday morning classes—think super small, semi-private/sometimes totally private sessions that start as low as $10 and actually go by very, very quickly—led by Nike trainers, aka “the JW Fit Squad.”

Originally intended to help travelers stay on track while on the road, the classes have proven popular among hotel guests looking for a full-body, energizing workout (depending on what town you’re in, the entire portfolio is doing a push to stay active even if you don’t have a ton of time). The best news? The squad has shared the do-it-at-home breakdown below so you can step into the weekend with a workout that literally burns calories all day.

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The Method:
The “breakfast buffet” is a version of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)—a workout method you’ve likely heard of but may not completely understand. At the very basic level, it’s focused on engaging clients through fast-paced, high variety exercises.

How It’s Done:
As squad trainer Krysta explains, a cone is set at one end of the studio, surrounding by slips of paper with a specific exercise on each—for example, 30 jumping jacks, five burpees and 10 pushups. “Clients start at the opposite end of the studio, run down to the cone to pick up their ‘plate’ or exercise, and they run back to their starting point where they perform the exercise before heading back to pick up a new one. This repeats for five minutes, a short break follows and then you repeat for another five minutes with the intent of completing more exercises than the first time.”

How You Can Replicate It at Home:
Even if you don’t have a gym at home, Krysta says you really just need a cleared space to make some simple modifications:

  • Set up a cone 25–50 feet away from the starting point where you’ll do the exercises.
  • Start with body-weight exercises such as pushups, high knees, squats and bicycle crunches.
  • If inside, the running can be removed—simply choose new exercises and do them back to back or run in place for 10 seconds in between.
  • Keep track of the number of exercises you complete in round one-push yourself to fit one or two more in the next round.
  • Challenge yourself. HIIT is about maximal exertion for maximum reward. Increase the running distance or time or add free weights for added difficulty.

The Benefits This Type of Workout Delivers:
The bottom line: This kind of workout maximizes benefits in minimal time (HIIT workouts are typically 10–30 minutes long) and most people just respond better to variety. “Plus, HIIT training has the ability to burn more calories after the workout and in a shorter amount of exercise time than traditional cardio workouts, due to an increase of the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which is the body’s process of recovering to a resting state,” Krysta says. “It also increases energy expenditure in this process, which ultimately burns more calories.” You can also count on increased metabolism for hours post-exercise, increased cardiovascular health, decreased body fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass, and decreased blood pressure and blood sugar.

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