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Better Botox Pill Now Available Online

Remember when we told you about Zytaze, the little pill that can enhance the results of botox injections? Well, it’s now available for purchase online.  The nutrition...

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Could a Pill Boost Botox Results?

Botox injections don’t come at a small price. Plus, the wrinkle-smoothing effects typically don’t last more than a few months. But there may be a new pill on the way...

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Tackle Adult Acne Orally With Supplements

Yes, you can get most of your daily-recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals by eating mindfully and healthfully. However, in today's fast food or "I'm too busy to eat lunch"...

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Fight Dandruff From The Inside Out

You know when you're dealing with dandruff. One flip of the hair, one scratch of the head, one turtle neck pull over, and it looks like a very un-magical little fairy crop duste...

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Nanotechnology Safe In Sunscreens

Titanium and zinc are essential sunscreen ingredients and recently nanoparticulate amounts have been shown to improve sunscreen products by making them feel less thick and reduc...

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A Beautiful Complexion Now And Later

There are tinted moisturizers, and then there's Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer. This borderline-magical formula is a one-step solution for looking instantly prettier and subsequ...

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A Hair Guru Gives Skincare A Go

Crossovers are tricky. Take actors who make the leap into music. Sometimes it goes refreshingly well, like with Zooey Deschanel; other times, you're left clutching your ears and...

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