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Clean, Shiny Strands Without The Soap

You may have heard that sudsy shampoos tend to be bad for your hair. It's true. For the most part, that bubbly, cleansing action just means your shampoo contains potentially har...

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Exclusive NewBeauty TestTube On QVC!

Get ready for a first! NewBeauty is making an amazing QVC debut with a special-edition TestTube that beauty buffs will love, love, love! This exclusive TestTube features deluxe...

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A Head-To-Toe Multitasking Moisture Mist

When's the last time you used a leave-in conditioner to set your makeup? We don't know about you, but our answer is "never." That being said, we're going to start doing exactly ...

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Change The Way You Wash Your Hair

I'm one of those women who tries as often as possible to avoid washing her hair. Even without heat styling, my hair looks borderline fried because of shampoo's drying effects. S...

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