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How Toxic Are You? Look In The Mirror

You're stressed. You're tired. You can't drop those five extra pounds that make zipping up your pencil skirt in the morning a suck-in worthy task. Should you jump on the latest ...

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Your Coffee Could Use A Vitamin Boost

Unless you are eating every single meal in perfect proportion (with the right servings of vegetables, protein, dairy and healthy carbs), chances are you're probably not getting ...

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No Gym Today? At Least Move Your Body

We invent a million and a half reasons for why we can't exercise-excuses for not pounding some pavement for 20 minutes or lifting a five-pound weight every once and a while. We ...

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What Is Watsu?

A combination of the words water and shiatsu, Watsu is a massage done in a warm, shallow pool (you and the massage therapist both wear bathing suits) for an experience that isn'...

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Are You In A State Of Well-Being?

Here on the East Coast, we might think we have it all: from New York City to the beaches of Florida, it seems that we want for nothing. However, it looks like we are fooling our...

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The Power Of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times as a natural healing aid, promoting emotional and physical well-being. Although not recognized as a legitimate branch of medicine ...

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Love Is In The Air… And On Your Skin

Nothing has the power to evoke a specific mood quite like scent. So, instead of the cliché candlelight and chocolates combo, stir up romance by appealing to the sense of ...

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