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How to Add Superfoods to Everyday Meals

There are certain foods that pack a nutritional punch and we call them superfoods. In this video, we teamed up with celebrity nutritionist and chef Sophie Jaffe. She shows us ho...

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Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop

The hula hoop isn't just a children's toy anymore. If used right, it can be a fun tool to tone your entire body and trim your tummy. In this episode of NewBeauty Body, we met up...

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Cal-A-Vie: My One-Week Body Transformation

I recently experienced what I can only call a blissful passage into a healthy fat-burning lifestyle. The bad news? I only got to indulge in this transformative experience for a ...

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Poll: Fat Melters: Have You Tried Them?

With summer approaching, the desire to get our bodies in swimsuit-shape is hard to ignore. While we always suggest starting off with a healthy diet and the right amount of exerc...

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Smartlipo Voted Best For Body Contouring

Often after weight loss, your body can naturally hang on to fat in small pockets that seem to be resistant to all of your diet and exercise. This is when many people turn to aes...

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