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Help, I’ve Over-Tweezed My Eyebrows

There’s nothing like a perfectly groomed pair of brows to make any makeup look feel complete. But those gorgeous brows can be ruined with just a few wrong moves with a pai...

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Five Tips to Ensure a Pain-Free Wax

Hair removal is always a sticky subject but if waxing is your method of choice, then there are a few things you must take into consideration. From finding a skilled aesthetician...

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Beauty Safety 101: Body

Simple, routine beauty appointments are considered “maintenance” by some; others find them to be a way to relax and pamper. Regardless of the purpose, if not done pr...

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The How And Where Of Hair Removal

Today's hair removal options range from virtually pain-free temporary treatments to permanent solutions that require several sessions. When it comes to choosing the method that'...

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Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin

I've gotten only a couple professional waxes in my life-my skin gets super-irritated, regardless of the waxer's skills. And there's no way I'd try waxing on my own. At least tha...

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