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Spray On Your Sunshine

For the fair-skinned women of the world that want the look of a tan, but not the UV radiation, there are a couple of problems. The first problem is: "How can I look like I spent...

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Vitamin D From an Unlikely Veggie

There’s no doubt about it—vitamin D is important. We need it to support good bone health and muscle strength, maintain our teeth, prevent hair loss and even limit we...

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How Should You Get Your Dose of Vitamin D?

It’s a well-known fact that the sun is bad for your skin. Excessive exposure leads to wrinkles, lines and, in some cases, cancer. But, on the flip side, our bodies need su...

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Is the Sun Good for Your Teeth?

Vitamin D, which is often obtained from the sun, is essential for a healthy body and strong bones. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from foods and supplements, muscles ne...

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Keep Your Skin Comfy Cozy This Winter

It’s cold out there. During the winter, the air is drier, relative humidity is lower and indoor heating is in full swing. Usually, this means skin is drier too.  When...

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Sunburn Easily? You May Need More Vitamin D

Not sure if you need a vitamin D supplement? It may all depend on the fairness of your complexion. People with very pale skin may be unable to take in enough sun to produce the ...

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