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Skin And Hair Help For Summer Swimmers

Hot weather is steadily sneaking up on us, and even if you're no Dara Torres, you may find yourself in the pool quite a bit. That means excessive exposure to chlorine, which hol...

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A Creamy Cure For Short, Weak Nails

Don't have the patience for a paint-on nail-strengthening treatment? We can relate. Luckily, one of the best fortifying formulas we've found comes in the form of a fast, easy-to...

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Super Skincare From An Age-Defying Actress

Face it: Fran Drescher is gorgeous. No matter what you think of her signature vexatious voice, the woman has always been a beautiful sight to behold, and she's aging in an unfai...

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The Secret To Super-Soft Strands

We all want hair that feels as soft as silk, but when it comes to conditioners, it's essential to take your hair type into consideration. Heavy conditioners contain thick, emol...

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Key Ingredients' Impact On Your Hair

Using the wrong product can cause your hair to be dull, oily, limp or lifeless. The overall behavior of your hair depends on a combination of all the ingredients in your product...

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Help Your Body Battle Sun Damage

Even though they get as much sun time as your face, your hands, neck and chest may not be getting the same corrective care. Sure, it's easier to remember to apply a cream to the...

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