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How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair

Blame it on the weather or a terrible cut, but the real reason behind consistently bad hair days may be what you eat, not what you use to style your hair. Just like how your die...

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The ABCs of Healthy Hair

Winter isn’t always easy on our skin and hair. The combination of the cold weather outside and the dry indoor heat can suck out a lot of much-needed moisture out of our st...

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Baby Yourself In The Shower

If you're not a parent, you may not be familiar with Noodle & Boo, the adorably luxurious bath and body line for babies. But being sans kid doesn't mean you can't enjoy the good...

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Rescue Your Complexion And Your Planet

Take a close look at Organicare's name and you'll see "I care." And they really do! This compassionate brand believes in making the world better, whether it's by living greener ...

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Don't Believe These Dental Myths

Think you know how to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful? That knowledge may actually be a misconception if you believe any of the myths recently debunked by a professor at t...

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Powder Foundation With Magical Minerals

Think there isn't a single foundation that can work for every skin type? Think again. Becca has just introduced Boudoir Skin Mineral Power Foundation, universally prettifying ma...

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The Latest Brazilian Beauty Breakthrough

What is it about putting "Brazilian" at the beginning of a cosmetic treatment that increases its clout? Brazilian butt lift, Brazilian bikini wax, Brazilian straightening treatm...

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Hemp Help For Your Hands

That notorious leaf on placed proudly on the packaging is a clear sign that Perlier isn't shy about the main ingredient in their must-have hand helper: cannabis sativa. But ther...

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