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The Top Five Anti-Aging Vitamins to Take Now

We learn from a young age that the right mix of vitamins and minerals is a crucial component for total body health, but as we grow older, they play an ever-increasing role in he...

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Reduce Redness With Retinaldehyde

All Avene products are made with sensitive skin in mind, but although related, redness is a separate situation. So if you're dealing with serious ruddiness, rosacea or flushing,...

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The ABCs of Healthy Hair

Winter isn’t always easy on our skin and hair. The combination of the cold weather outside and the dry indoor heat can suck out a lot of much-needed moisture out of our st...

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Secrets For Shine-Free Skin

Dealing with persistently oily skin can be a nuisance. These insider tips can help keep your skin shine-free. • Mattifying lotions and anti-shine powders and gels can keep...

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Two Miracle Must-Haves

Vitamin C Serums are a must for anyone over the age of 25! They are the skin's equivalent of strength training. A good vitamin C serum will protect your delicate face from all ...

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A Silk-Spiked Shampoo And Conditioner Duo

Finish this phrase: "Smooth as..." We'd bet a lot of you said "silk." After all, you've probably heard more than one product promise to make your hair feel that way. But how ma...

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Let Loose With An Anti-Aging Eye Shadow

Loose eye shadows in dramatic shades are a favorite of many makeup artists, but that doesn't mean you need serious skill in order to use them yourself. DEX makes getting a bold ...

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Glow From Within Using A Yummy Drink Mix

We're becoming increasingly obsessed with the whole beauty-from-within trend. There's just something magical about the idea of drinking a potion and getting gorgeous, don't you ...

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