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Best Lipsticks Under The Sun

One of the first places age shows on your face is the lips. And photoaging, from damaging UV rays, is the number one culprit for creating those pesky fine lines and wrinkles tha...

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Shimmering Skin From A Special "Spray"

So, you want your skin to shimmer for a fancy evening soirée, but slathering on sparkly body lotion from the drugstore just seems so gauche. Thank goodness for Vincent L...

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Baby Your Grown-Up Lips With Soft Color

Baby Balm may sound like a salve for infants, but when it comes in black and seafoam-green packaging, you can expect it to be a luscious Vincent Longo lipstick. Wielding far mo...

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Radiant Cheek Color, Day And Night

You always hear about versatile dresses that can take you from day to night-from office to party. Well, we've found their cosmetic counterpart, and not surprisingly, it's from m...

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Concealer For Even The Quirkiest Skin

I have a love/hate relationship with concealers. That's because of my long list of skin quirks (very fair skin, cool undertones, eye sensitivity, etc.), and trying to find one p...

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