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New Vein Foam Performs Well In U.S. Trials

Last fall, we told you about the positive results of foam injections for collapsing varicose veins based on research by Imperial College London. People who were treated with the...

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5 Ways To Get Younger-Looking Hands

Because the skin on your hands is thinner than elsewhere on your body, the signs of aging (particularly loss of collagen and age spots) are far more noticeable there. In fact, m...

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What To Do About Those Spider Veins

My mother, blond, pale and beautiful, never wears shorts or goes without some sort of nylons or tights. The world will never see her bare legs if she has anything to say about i...

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3 Treatments To Do Now For Swimsuit Season

In the cold of winter, a gal's fancy may turn to thoughts of running on the beach in her bikini...or lounging on the lido deck...or shopping in the islands. Those wonderful warm...

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