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Shania Twain is Back and Beautiful

After quite a long career hiatus due to voice problems and personal woes, Shania Twain is back and better than ever. At 47 years old, the Grammy-award winning country music star...

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The Flexible Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian or vegan is not easy in our food-obessed society. What's a barbecue without a juicy burger or a Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey? Getting the recommende...

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Are Vegetarians More Heart Healthy?

As if we needed more evidence that vegetarianism is healthy, new research suggests that vegetarians experience a 36 percent lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome than non-veget...

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Vegetarian Hair Health

Hair needs more than just external treatments to be healthy and beautiful. Nutrition plays a crucial role. In addition to vitamins and minerals, protein is essential for shiny, ...

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