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This Silent Killer Makes Your Skin Weak

Your skin withstands a lot, after all, it’s your interface with the physical world. Not only is it subject to all your skin-care lotions and potions, it's also the only or...

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Uv Nail Lamps—How Dangerous Are They?

Gel manicures are offered everywhere these days. They come in "soft" and "hard," generic and brand name and are a beautiful option for those interested in long-lasting, chip-fre...

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Happy Melanoma Monday

What is our PROBLEM? Apparently we can't get it through our heads that tanning isn't a healthy habit. According to a new survey from the American Academy of Dermatology, a signi...

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A New Twist In Tanning Bed Dangers

Okay, by now I hope that you are well aware of the negative effects of indoor tanning. But according to a new study published in the online edition of the Archives of Dermatolog...

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