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Ulthera: Tighten Your Skin With Energy

Once the effects of aging start to take hold on the face, it’s pretty common for sagging skin to become noticeable. The only way to reverse the effects of slack skin is to tight...

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Get the Ultimate Facial with Ultrasound

Touted as the "under the radar" advanced alternative to traditional microdermabrasion treatments, ultrasound facials are quickly gaining mass popularity among dermatologists not...

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Poll: Fat Melters: Have You Tried Them?

With summer approaching, the desire to get our bodies in swimsuit-shape is hard to ignore. While we always suggest starting off with a healthy diet and the right amount of exerc...

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Give Your Skin A Lift With Ultrasound

With all of the new types of energy treatments available and their varying assurances for rejuvenated skin, there's one that many physicians see as the most promising: ultrasoun...

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Which Type Of Lipo Do The Pros Prefer?

Looking into liposuction? You may be convinced that laser-assisted lipo and other up-to-the-minute techniques are the way to go, but your doctor doesn't necessarily think the la...

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A Permanent Perspiration Solution?

You've probably heard about using Botox to curb underarm sweating for the short term, but could a variation of liposuction be the more permanent answer so many with hyperhidrosi...

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Excessive Sweating And Skin Infections

As if people with hyperhidrosis didn't already have enough frustrations-embarrassing, uncomfortable, excessive sweating-now a study has revealed that those with the condition ar...

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Liposuction With A Smart Twist

Liposuction is rarely just liposuction anymore. Technology in this area has expanded to include internal and external ultrasound to help break up the fat, lasers, and power-assi...

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Liposuction And Your Body Type

The structure of your body can dictate the general areas that can benefit from liposuction. Below, five body-type-centric approaches. 1. Athletic. Just because you're muscular...

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