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Ulthera: Tighten Your Skin With Energy

Once the effects of aging start to take hold on the face, it’s pretty common for sagging skin to become noticeable. The only way to reverse the effects of slack skin is to tight...

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A-List Secrets to the Fountain of Youth

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s middle-aged starlet’s are staying in tiptop shape from red carpet to red carpet? So have we. We consulted with Chicago plastic...

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Problem Body Area Lingo

If you research plastic surgery procedures on the web, then you might come across some pretty strange-sounding terms for the body. These are not terms of endearment, however. Th...

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Give Your Skin A Lift With Ultrasound

With all of the new types of energy treatments available and their varying assurances for rejuvenated skin, there's one that many physicians see as the most promising: ultrasoun...

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