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Could A Lip Gloss Save Your Life?

It's a sad reality of the modern-day social scene: if a woman takes her eyes off her drink for just a moment, it gives her date or a stranger the opportunity to spike that drink...

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Cosmetic Surgery And Your Career

We'd all like to believe that we can get and keep jobs based on talent and effort, but in this precarious economy, many people feel their appearance plays a bigger part than eve...

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What Size Is Preferred Across The Pond?

Has the American obsession with being a size 0 made it across the pond? UK weight-loss surgery company Surgicare asked over 2000 women and men of all ages what they believe is t...

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Let On Some Steam With A British Cream

It's so rare to find a beauty brand with a presentation as interesting as its production, which is why we're excited about SteamCream. Straight out of England, this allover mois...

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Can Guys Get Into Grooming Their Brows?

A popular British department store called Debenhams has seen a major increase in new customers at their brow bars, but surprisingly, the names in the appointment books read like...

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Skin Cancer Skyrockets In The Uk

With the exception of Victoria Beckham, British women aren't exactly known for being tan. So you may be surprised to learn that skin cancer-specifically melanoma, the deadliest ...

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An Eco-Chic New Line, In The Flesh

September marks the US outset of an insanely sleek, health-conscious beauty line that's sure to make its soon-to-be huge fans feel more comfortable in their own skin. From the f...

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Britain’S Best Botanical Beauty

Botanical ingredients are flourishing in beauty products these days, but how many skin-care companies can boast a world-renowned expert on flower essences as their founder? Fres...

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Getting Lost In Space Nk

Earlier this summer, a UK beauty-store sensation Space NK opened in New York City-SoHo, to be exact. In addition to a fan base that includes Victoria Beckham and Kiera Knightley...

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