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Watch NewBeauty on Extra

We love a good makeover story and we’ve taken our talents to Extra to transform one very lucky lady—56-year-old Louanne. Watch as NewBeauty performs a makeover to ta...

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Tune In to NewBeauty on Extra

We love a good makeover story and this weekend we’re taking our talents to Extra. Tune in to Extra this Saturday as NewBeauty performs a makeover to take 10 years off of o...

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How Tv Turns Up Snacking Habits

If you're watching your weight, it might be a good idea to start watching less television. A review out of Loughborough University has found that spending time in front of the T...

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Donda West's Surgeon Loses His License

Dr. Jan Adams, the doctor who performed tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery on Kanye West's mother, Donda, the day before she died, has surrendered his license to practice m...

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Post-Op Openness

As the number of cosmetic surgery procedures increases exponentially, so does candor about them. What was considered an almost scandalous act of vanity only a decade ago is now ...

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What To Wear In Your Hair

My family has always been in fashion-literally. My mother and aunt were designers, my grandmother was a model, and even my father was a buyer. So it's in my blood to love What N...

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