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Sensual Massage Oil With Beauty Benefits

Getting a massage from your significant other has obvious intimate advantages, but why stop at seduction when you can simultaneously beautify your body? One of our favorite fo...

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A Pampering And Pretty Body Collection

Beauty brands will always win points with me for presentation. If they've put thought and artistry into their packaging, I'll always reach for their products first. San Francisc...

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A Seriously Sensual Celebutante Scent

I must be the only person in America who's never seen a single episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I was completely unaware that there were sisters other than Kim. But s...

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A Sensual Scent That Speaks For Itself

We've finally found it-quite possibly the sexiest fragrance a female could wear. As if the name alone didn't give away its serious sensuality, Narcotic Venus is a flirtatious fo...

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A Seductive Scent To Color Your Mood

Usually, anything product we tell you about with the word bronze in its title is going to give your skin a golden glow. That's not the case, however, with Bronze by tsunami surv...

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Total Tuberose Indulgence

Those closest to me-whether emotionally or standing near enough to smell me-know how much I love tuberose. It is my scent soulmate, with which I fell in love at first whiff in m...

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A Natural Scent For The Free-Spirited Set

If I love how something smells, I will try and often buy every product in the line-the moisturizer, the shampoo, the conditioner, etc. I won't use everything all at once, becaus...

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Massage À Trois

Sexy celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kate Moss are loyal Agent Provocateur fans; and who can blame them? Their gorgeous, vintage-y lingerie is the most titillating in bo...

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Michael Kors' Latest Labour Of Love

I didn't know how much I loved tuberose until a few years ago when I discovered Michael Kors- his fragrance, not the man himself. His sexy scent is my favorite, ever. I scooped ...

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