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The Secret to Perfect Skin: Retinol

Among the multitude of anti-aging skin-care products on the market, one ingredient stands out: retinol. And it’s no surprise why. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aest...

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Egyptian Anti-Aging Secrets

Cleopatra may be known as the ancient world's greatest beauty, but it's modern Egyptian women that have some of today's best beauty regimens. Salons in Egypt offer treatments s...

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Rose: A Beautiful, Beautifying Bloom

In addition to its intoxicating scent and sought-after status, rose has been continually recognized for its medicinal and beautifying powers. Since ancient times, this vitamin C...

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Managing Extra-Dry Menopausal Skin

A common symptom of menopause is drier-than-normal skin, due in part to a decrease in estrogen coupled with declining collagen production. Once hormone levels begin to dip, the ...

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Prescripstion-Strength Skin Lighteners

When over-the-counter topical products aren't giving you the lightening results you're looking for, ask your doctor about prescription-strength hydroquinone, a skin lightener th...

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