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Bring These In Your Overnight Bag

You know that phase early on in a relationship when you start staying the night at his place, but you're not sure he'd be OK with you leaving a toothbrush in his bathroom yet? W...

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Exfoliation For Dummies

Exfoliation is one of the most fundamental aspects of achieving and maintaining beautiful skin, but we've heard every excuse in the book for avoiding it. But whether you claim t...

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Instant Joy In An Antiseptic Wipe

Let's play a little word association. We'll say a phrase, and you say the first word that comes to mind. Ready? Portable cleansing wipes. We have the sinking feeling that you ...

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Gentle Wipes To Replace Regular Washes

Using face wipes instead of a face wash may seem like the lazy way to cleanse, but that's a tough argument to make when the wipes in question are loaded with benefits that go be...

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