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A Toothbrush That Cleans And Comforts

If your sensitive gums have you reaching for soft-bristled toothbrushes in the hygiene aisle but your plaque-troubled teeth tell you they're not doing enough, take your search o...

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An In-Office Solution For Tooth Sensitivity

Over time, gums may recede, causing an area of the tooth that is not naturally protected by enamel to become exposed. These bare areas are prone to pain when they come in contac...

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Quiet, Customized Toothbrush Technology

Even though they work wonders, some of us find electric toothbrushes annoying-even intimidating. Perhaps it's their bulkiness compared to traditional toothbrushes, or that unner...

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Hello Aloe: A Surprising Smile Soother

Anyone who's ever gotten a sunburn knows the calming, healing help that aloe vera offers. But this succulent botanical's benefits aren't limited to skin alone, according to dent...

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Replacing Older Fillings

“Nine out of ten patients want to get rid of their silver fillings, usually for aesthetic reasons,” says Jonathan Ziv, DDS, a California cosmetic dentist. In ter...

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Save Your Sensitive Teeth

If you have ever experienced pain after digging into some ice cream or sipping hot coffee or tea, you're not alone. We've tried everything under the sun, and we're not alone-it'...

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