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Make Your New Smile Results Last Longer

So you've put in the time and gone through the trouble of dramatically improving your smile. Whether you've had veneers applied or simply had your teeth whitened, now's the time...

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A New Smile In Minutes, Hours, Weeks

If you simply need to freshen up your pearly whites or if you want to go for something more drastic like reshaping your teeth, your cosmetic dentist can offer you treatments for...

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Do Bleaching Results Last Forever?

“Don't believe it if someone tells you that tooth bleaching is permanent, it's not true.” Says Cleveland cosmetic dentist John Heimke, DMD. “If you only ate...

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Overbleaching And Subsequent Options

While you can never be too rich or too thin-at least according to Coco Chanel-your teeth can be too white. More and more dentists are seeing patients plagued by overbleaching,...

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