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Are The Fumes At Your Nail Salon Safe?

A new study warns that nail salon workers may be at increased risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals. Researchers studied 80 Vietnamese women who worked at 20 different nail sa...

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Could Your Spa Be Using Safer Candles?

When you buy candles for your home, you've probably noticed the growing array of natural-wax candles. But have you ever wondered what the candles adorning your favorite spa are ...

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Nuisance-Free Nail Polish

There's so much wrong with nail polish. Seriously. If the questionable chemicals don't turn you off, the having to sit with jazz hands for ten minutes while waiting for it to dr...

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A Healthy Manicure Makeover

You love your manicures, but you love your health even more. So you have two options: let your nails go naked, or let them go natural. We know, natural isn't usually used in th...

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My New Favorite Nail Polish

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find dove-gray nail polish? Well, I do, so trust me-it's more elusive than the chupacabra. I've been looking for over two years, coming ac...

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Could Your Nail Polish Be Making You Sick?

It may seem like the most innocuous part of your beauty routine, but according to WNDU in Indiana, a consumer advocacy organization called the Environmental Working Group believ...

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