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Five Beauty Secrets From Jennie Garth

Happy birthday to Jennie Garth, who turns 41 today! Gracing the cover of our NewBeauty Spa+ issue, Jennie Garth continues to look better than ever. Whether you know her from her...

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The Four Makeup Mistakes You're Making

Makeup is supposed to help accentuate our features and enhance our look but when used incorrectly, it can do just the opposite. For a little inspiration, we consulted celebrity ...

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Five Ways to Winter-Proof Your Skin

It’s been a cold winter and we’re hoping Groundhog Phil’s prediction of an early spring is correct. But until then, we still have the chilly weather to deal wi...

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Five Surprising Skin Agers

Some visible signs of aging are a fact of life but certain parts of your daily routine can actually speed up the process. In addition to taking proper care of your skin, making ...

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