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Blow Out In A Bottle

Call me a cynic but I'm always a bit skeptical of hair products that promise to make you look like you've just had an in-salon blow-out. Better hair? Absolutely. Perfect hair th...

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The Secret Behind A Week-Long Blowout

There are two types of people in the world: Those that give me that baffled-borderline-horrified look when I tell them “I haven't washed my hair in days” and those...

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Catch A Wave Without Hitting The Beach

Even if you're not a beach person, per se, you surely wouldn't mind those seemingly effortless waves that surfer girls have-and by waves, we mean the hair kind, not the ocean ki...

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Stick Straight And Shiny

It's hard enough for me to get my naturally curly hair pin-straight even with the help of a straightening iron. But straight hair that's also loaded with shine? That, I thought,...

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