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The Uncertainty Of Suspension Lifts

The suspension lift, which treats the first signs of sagging by using sutures or threads to hold slackened skin in a higher position, is a relative newcomer to the facial rejuve...

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Are Threadlifts A Safe Bet For The Butt?

You've probably heard about threadlifts for the face. However, some plastic surgeons are using threads to suspend the buttocks in a higher position, too. While it may sound lik...

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A Scarless Facelift?

If it truly is a facelift (a procedure elevates sagging facial muscles; reduces, replaces or redistributes fat; and reduces skin to achieve a younger you), there is no way it is...

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New Thread Among Lifts

Threadlifts are the temporary, minimally invasive way to “lift” specific regions of facial tissue for a slightly younger look. Mostly used in the brow, midface and...

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