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Is Your Hair Getting Thinner With Age?

Does it seem like your hair is getting thinner and thinner? Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating, it just might be. There’s no reason to worry; thinning hair ...

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Four Styling Tips for Thinning Hair

There are a lot of reasons why you might have thinning hair—from genetics to poor nutrition, even hormone imbalances. There are of course ways to combat the problem, but i...

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Why Your Hair Is Thinning

Certain factors—some controllable, others not—can decelerate the speed at which your hair grows and contribute to larger problems like thinning and hair loss. According to Las V...

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Styling Tips for Thinning Hair

There are a host of reasons why you might be losing your hair. From genetics to poor nutrition, to hormone imbalances and even over-coloring, thinning hair is an all too common ...

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