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2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

The holiday season makes me all warm and fuzzy inside for a variety of reasons, one of which is gift giving (OK, receiving is pretty nice too). Who doesn’t look forward to...

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Shower Power

A recent national survey conducted by The Body Shop reveals some interesting findings: like that 69 percent of Americans would reduce shower time to conserve water and protect t...

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The Loss Of A Beauty Business Icon

Last week, the beauty community lost a groundbreaking leader. Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage at age 64. Roddick's consc...

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Shea Butter's Global Benefits

Shea butter has become increasingly popular as a moisturizing ingredient in contemporary beauty products. It comes from the shea nut, which grows on rare trees in Africa's Sahel...

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Fix A Nail Snafu Anytime, Anywhere

Although I don't spend a great deal of time getting ready for work, I do carefully plan out what products I'll use. The key here is looking good in a low-maintenance kind of way...

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Your Hands Need Exfoliation, Too.

We use scrubs for our faces. We use scrubs for our bodies. So why don't more of us use a scrub specifically made for the part of our bodies many claim show our age the most? Th...

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Heaven In A Tiny Brown Bottle

I absolutely LOVE going to my local day spa for aromatherapy massages. Before my fifty minutes of bliss, my masseuse always asks me if there's anything in particular that I want...

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