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Behind-the-Scenes of NewBeauty's TestTube

Ever wonder how we pick which products that get put into the NewBeauty TestTube? Find out as Anna Jimenez goes behind the scenes at TestTube's headquarters and sits down with th...

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Stop the Seven Signs of Aging Hair

Your hair is like your skin. It ages. And because you wouldn't use the same skin-care products in your 20s as your would in your 50s, you shouldn't use the same type of hair-car...

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Four Tips for Beautiful Hair

There are two foundations to physical beauty —flawless skin and beautiful hair. And while we go to great lengths to pamper our skin, we actually do the opposite to our hai...

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Exfoliate For Your Skin Type

If you want to keep aging at bay and prevent breakouts and dark spots, then exfoliating is key. However, each skin type requires a different type of exfoliator whether you have ...

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Tighten Your Pores With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been known to treat many skin issues—from psoriasis to wounds, its healing abilities make it act like natural medicine for your skin. In this video you'll...

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3 Ways to Prevent Dry Hair This Winter

When the cold weather rolls around, we tend to prep our skin for the damage that might occur, but we don't always think about the toll it might take on our hair. It turns out th...

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Beauty Benefits of a Simple Bath

It may seem like a simple concept, but there are many reasons to enjoy a nice warm bath every week—whether for it's beauty and health benefits or to just relax and unwind....

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3 Great At-Home Beauty Delivery Services

You know those days you just don't want to leave the house? You're snuggled inside and it's hard to work up the energy it takes to get to the salon, department store or spa. We ...

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