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Teeth-Staining Culprits

No one wants yellow teeth. But knowing what types of stains are affecting your smile is the first step to making them go away. The types of stains on your teeth determine whethe...

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Whiten Your Smile Quickly With Light

When it comes to brightening your teeth, there are lots of teeth whitening treatments to choose from. But if you need some sparkle in a hurry, not all of the options w...

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Five Ways to Prevent Teeth Stains

They are everywhere, even when you least expect them: stain-causers. Colored beverages, foods, medication and environmental factors can all turn your teeth from pearly white to ...

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Whitening A Wine-Stained Smile

When drinking red wine, many people let it swish around in their mouths, essentially bathing their teeth in its dark pigments. These pigments attach to the sticky film of plaque...

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Stop Tooth Stains Right After A Cleaning

It's easy to feel invincible following a professional cleaning at the dentist, but it's actually right after this thorough scouring that you're at the highest risk of staining y...

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An After-Wine Whitener

If you've spent a nice chunk of change on professional tooth whitening, you'd be wise to avoid red wine, coffee and cola unless you want to reverse your results. But sometimes t...

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