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L'Oréal to Start 3-D Printing Human Skin

File under: fun fact you may not know about your favorite beauty brands. In addition to being in the business of skin care, many brands are also in the business of producing ski...

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Would You Let A Robot Wash Your Hair?

In the NewBeauty office there are some loyal Clarisonic users and several electronic toothbrush enthusiasts. But while technology might be replacing some of our most basic groom...

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An App That Helps You Love Your Body

Beauty apps are popping up right and left. They've become so popular even the FTC and FDA have had to get involved. A new iPhone app has just launched that we think is a good ad...

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Beware Of Bogus App Claims

You use your phone for just about everything, but is the growing list of conveniences associated with smartphones making us willing to believe they are capable of anything? Plen...

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Price Procedures On Your Iphone Or Ipad

Want to find a cosmetic surgeon, plan and price a procedure, and make an appointment straight from your iPhone or iPad? You know what's coming-there's an app for that. Accordin...

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