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Tackle Tattoo Troubles Safely

Compared to yesteryear, tattoos have become fairly popular, especially among younger generations. The Pew Research Center found that 36 percent of Americans ages 18-25 have a ta...

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Laser Away Tattoos Faster

A new type of laser treatment may banish that late-night bad decision you had inked onto your forearm. What might have seemed like a good idea at the time can be removed in less...

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Poll: Would You Tattoo Your Makeup?

Sometimes we think it would be nice to stop applying makeup every day. After all, life can get pretty busy. But instead of going makeup-free, some people opt for a more permanen...

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Do You Have Tattoo Regret?

Contrary to what historians tell us, we can indeed erase the past. Specifically, those certain pieces with a tad too much color. Just how many Americans regretted their tattoo...

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Tattoo Removal Time

Regardless of the size, color or age of your regretted or no-longer-relevant tattoo, you'll need more than one treatment to fully remove it. Several sessions, usually spaced f...

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Tattoo Ink For Commitment-Phobes

Thinking about getting a tattoo, but afraid you might regret it down the line? You're not alone. Of the approximately 40 million Americans with at least one tattoo, half of them...

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The Tattoo-Removal Process

If you have a tattoo, chances are you got it before the introduction of the new, easy-to-remove Freedom-2 ink we've told you about. So if you're thinking of erasing some regrett...

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