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Makeup Color Trend: Vivid Emerald

emerald green is vivid yet elegant and wearable. Think this is one trend you’ll just have to pass on? Think again. “Fair to medium skin tones can pull o­ff darke...

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The Best Long-Lasting Lip Colors

Ultramatte lipsticks that had to be layered and “locked in” were once the way to get long-lasting color. These versions use oils, butters and proprietary ingredients...

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Your Three Biggest Blush Blunders

Blush can do wonders for your face. It defines your cheekbones (very important) and helps give you a flush of youthful color. However there are a few mistakes that some make wit...

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Best Makeup to Enhance Green Eyes

Your eyes are a major focal point of your face. And your eye color determines what eye shadow colors work best to enhance those eyes. To find out how to really play up the drama...

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Cover Up With Clay

When it comes to making my eyes look good, I have two strikes against me that I always have to work through. One: a tinge of hereditary dark circles that appear as pale bruises ...

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Brush Up On An Easily Applied Liner

I don't think I could live without black eyeliner. Bold claim, but I find it to be a vital step in preparing to leave my house each morning. That being said, I've tried almost a...

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Lip Gloss Lovers: Welcome To Heaven

If lip gloss was a drug, Tarte would be the ultimate enabler. They're making it all too easy to indulge in the addiction. Putting $165 worth of gorgeous glosses into a single se...

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Treat Your Lips And Preserve The Planet

I've adored Tarte's 24.7 Natural Lip Sheers for years. These little sticks, complete with SPF 15, are easily some of the best tinted balms in the history of lip color. But when ...

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