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Shania Twain is Back and Beautiful

After quite a long career hiatus due to voice problems and personal woes, Shania Twain is back and better than ever. At 47 years old, the Grammy-award winning country music star...

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Teens And Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a rising trend among the 18-and-under set, which has raised a few eyebrows and, consequently, procedural standards. Out of the hundreds of thousands of proc...

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Would A Computer Think You're Beautiful?

Israeli researchers have made a remarkable beauty breakthrough, but it's not a new face cream or surgical technique. Instead, they have taught a computer to recognize female att...

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Symmetry Is Universally Sexy

Research has concordantly supported the notion that highly symmetrical faces are naturally perceived as the most attractive. The reason, however, has been a topic of debate. Are...

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When One Breast Is Bigger Than The Other

The vast majority of women have two different-size breasts. Whether the difference is noticeable or not, however, is a very different story. If you feel your breasts are conspi...

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