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How To Stop Sweat This Summer

If you've ever experienced that rush of embarrassment that comes from realizing you have sweat stains on your favorite top, then you've probably wondered if there was a way to p...

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A Chic Way To Stay Sweat-Free

I'm not one to openly gush about my perspiration problems (pun intended), but am continually perturbed by deodorants that don't live up to my damp-free standards. Also, I tend ...

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Super Sweaty? Help Is On The Way

Could it be the end of sweaty armpits forever? Thanks to a recent FDA-cleared treatment, you may be able to shed your pit-stain fears for good. Especially if you're one of the p...

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Botox And Fillers For Suffering Feet

As chic as you may look, a day in sky-high heels can be torture on your feet; but injectable fillers usually used in the face can be used in the feet to add cushioning and make ...

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