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Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

Sure, there are in-office procedures for a smile makeover and even some pretty hi-tech store-bought methods to make your smile brighter, but there are also some ways to elevate ...

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Six Holiday Smile-Saving Solutions

Wine. Coffee. Sweets. Soda. You name it. There’s more of it this time of year and while there’s no better time to indulge than the holidays, in excess these deliciou...

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Not All Toothbrushes Are Created Equal

I am an electric toothbrush kind of girl. Average toothbrushes just don't leave me feeling as clean. For a while, I figured that was all in my head, but after leaving my charger...

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Exclusive NewBeauty TestTube On QVC!

Get ready for a first! NewBeauty is making an amazing QVC debut with a special-edition TestTube that beauty buffs will love, love, love! This exclusive TestTube features deluxe...

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Is Your Tongue Tied To Your Bad Breath?

You could be a champion tooth-brusher, covering every quadrant for more than a minute each; but if you're still battling bad breath, you're clearly missing something. There are...

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Supersmile's Brilliant New Sonic Brush

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Supersmile. Ever since I started using their products more than three years ago, I haven't had a single cavity, and I've been told my teeth ...

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New Daily Giveaway! Win Beauty Prizes!

NewBeauty has just launched a fantastic new website, and you have two great reasons to visit it: you get to share your opinion on different beauty topics every day AND you get a...

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Simple Yet Effective Smile Care

A great smile doesn't necessarily have to cost serious money and time. Proper oral care starts with you, and it can be achieved with an easy at-home regimen. Using a soft, nylo...

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