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6 Ways to Eliminate Crow's-Feet

Named for their likeness to a crow’s footprint, crow’s-feet are those unsightly little lines that extend from the corners of your eyes as a result of excessive contr...

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Get Rid of Crow’s-Feet for Good

Crow’s-feet are those tiny lines that usually extend out from the sides of the eyes, up toward the temples and/or down toward the top of the cheek. Sun exposure is enemy n...

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Correct Your Crow’s-Feet

Tiny lines around the corner of the eyes, known as crow’s-feet, can crop up as early as during your 20s. While these little lines can be troublesome, the good news is they are p...

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A Stylish Way To Prevent Aging Eyes

One of the easiest ways to slow down the rate at which your eyes age is by regularly wearing a pair of sunglasses that offer the appropriate UV protection. Plus, they work doubl...

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Sunglasses Now Or Botox Later

Wearing sunglasses in the summer is a no-brainer; but regardless of the season, you should wear sunglasses, especially when the sun is at its strongest from 10 am to 4 pm. It's ...

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Can You Prevent Those Pesky Crow's-Feet?

Crow's feet-the tiny lines that extend out from the corners of the eyes-are usually the first sign of aging among women, signaling that the aging process has begun. Continually ...

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Don't Settle For Dark Circles

Dark circles are the result of blood that pools in the vessels that lie close to the skin's surface, which is why they can be almost impossible to hide. They can can also arise ...

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The Bindi Is Back, No Glue Required

In the ‘90s, style icon Gwen Stefani turned an Indian tradition into a big beauty trend by wearing a bejeweled bindi. This season, about a decade after Gwen got girls to ...

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