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Take An Eco-Chic Shower

Can you relate to this sentiment? "All of us want to live greener, healthier lives today, but it can be so confusing to determine what's truly eco-friendly when it comes to bat...

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Sunflower Power For Color-Treated Hair

We color our hair to make it look more vibrant, but if it's not sufficiently cared for, we can end up with the opposite effect. Coloring in and of itself can damage hair, and th...

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Pollen Potion: Allergen Or Age-Fighter?

Pollen is typically considered an allergen; one that can make eyes annoyingly puffy and watery. So who would've thought it could be used to improve eyes' appearance? One innovat...

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An Undefinably Brilliant Hair Helper

Sometimes a name is enough to grab our attention. Such is the case with miracle leave-in product by it's a 10. And luckily, what it does kept our attention-raptly. See, the rea...

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Plump And Polish Your Lifeless Locks

Usually, when you want both volume and shine, they must be procured from two different bottles. But this styling standard can backfire, with piled-on products weighing hair down...

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Healthy Hairspray For Every Step Of Styling

I've never considered myself a hairspray kind of girl, but some of the styles I've been gravitating towards lately just won't work without it. For example, I attempted to wear a...

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