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Get Rid of Sunspots With This Laser

Sunspots are constant reminders of those carefree days of our youth spent in the sun, oftentimes without enough sun protection. Boy, do we wish we tried harder when we were youn...

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The Steps to Spotless Skin

While some learn to love those tiny brown spots on the tip of the nose, cheeks and shoulders, others look for anything to fade freckled skin. Thankfully, you can lighten unwante...

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5 Ways To Get Younger-Looking Hands

Because the skin on your hands is thinner than elsewhere on your body, the signs of aging (particularly loss of collagen and age spots) are far more noticeable there. In fact, m...

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3 Ways To Clear Hyperpigmentation

Age spots can creep up when you're not looking, and often are more prominent on darker skin tones. You may suddenly notice them, but they've been developing for many years and a...

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