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A Little Help With Hydroxy Acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids-it can be kind of confusing. Where do they come from, what do they do, and how do you know which one is right for you? Alpha-hydroxy aci...

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Stimulate Your Skin Before A Soiree

I'm always excited to discover and try new brands, but when I received ekoh's pre-party prep, I wanted to save it for exactly what the title suggested. So I put it this natural ...

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Fatigue-Fighting Face Fluid

In beauty terms, fatigue is a bit of an abstract concept. It's not quantifiable, but we definitely know it when we see it: your skin stops looking fresh, your complexion seems a...

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Happy Hour For Your Face

Any bartender worth his margarita salt could tell you about the social and taste benefits of drinks like the pina colada, mango flip and caipirinha. But your favorite drink slin...

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