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Ditch The Heat With These Hair Styling Tips

When it comes to heat styling, the experts say that the more you can avoid it, the better. In fact, many will tell you not to do it at all. That's because those flat irons, curl...

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The Only 5 Hair Products You Really Need

Sure, there are a number of great hair-care brands out there that come out with a lot of great, innovative products. But when it comes down to it, the average woman doesn't have...

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3 Ways You Damaged Your Hair Today

We commonly do things, unknowingly, that are bad for us. We grab a diet coke when we want to cut calories. We wash our face too often in an effort to get it squeaky clean. And w...

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A Sweet Treat For Tangled Hair

I've never been particularly fond of leave-in conditioners. I have fine hair, and spraying them on after I have already used a thick conditioner in the shower feels gratuitous, ...

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