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A Pair Of Heat-Protection Hair Perfectors

Heat-styling your hair without treating it with protective products is just asking for damage. Although no product can totally stop singeing, there are two new options from Matr...

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A Rush Of Heat To The Hair

The seemingly tiny details that make one flat iron different from the next may be apparent to professionals, but not necessarily to the laywoman who just wants the straightest p...

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Straighten Your Hair, Heal Your Spirit

Glam Palm doesn't make flat irons. They make Styling Wands. And there's a reason for the magical name: these tools do way more than just straighten your hair. Glam Palm actuall...

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The Easiest Flat Iron I'Ve Ever Used

Believe it or not, I've been using an $18 drug-store-bought flat iron for over half a decade. But sadly, my steadfast straightener fell off the bathroom counter and shattered in...

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