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Tips to a Successful Sunless Tan

You can fake sun-kissed skin year-round by using sunless tanners, which have come a long way in the last few years to give a realistic, streak-free tan.

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Get Sun-Kissed Skin Without The Risk

You may have noticed spray tanning’s recent streak of bad luck. Buzz about potentially harmful ingredients in some tanning solutions has fake-bake regulars tossing their g...

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Spray Tans Might Cause Cancer Too

We've talked about all of the ways that the sun can age you and cause melanoma. So if you've listened to all of our pleas to wear sunscreen daily and to avoid tanning beds at al...

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Spray Your Way To Beautiful, Bronzed Skin

Baking in a tanning bed is just about one of the worst things you can do to your skin, and laying out in the real sun isn't much better. But with spring fast approaching, we rea...

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Could Spray-Tans Be Toxic?

With summer approaching, many people are going to tanning salons to get their tans, instead of lying out in the sun. It's healthier, right? Or maybe not. Are the chemicals the b...

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A Pre-Tan Pod To Prolong Your Results

You probably know that exfoliation is the key to an even self-tanner application, but we just heard about an even more reliable way to get the smoothest glow possible. Some spr...

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Do You Feel Pressure To Be Tan?

When I was a child, I was naturally very tan. So tan, in fact, that people didn't believe that I'm of completely Eastern European background. But after learning of some cancerou...

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